Snapping Guidelines

The perfect 'Snap:

What do we consider the perfect picture?  The side of the cart with the store logo, but far enough to see the wheels.  This kind of photo helps us identify the store owner, but also the location of the lost cart.

Don't 'Snap and Drive!

We understand the enthusiasm,  but please be safe and courteous.

The cart must be off store property to count!

We're trying to help the planet and the neighborhood by finding lost carts.  But what counts as "lost"?  From what the experts tell us, as soon as the cart leaves the parking lot it's considered "lost."

'Snap the same cart if you see it the next day.

So, if you find a cart at the same place (or nearby) the next day, please take another 'Snap of the same cart.  Multiple reports over multiple days helps us pinpoint problem areas in the neighborhood.  If you take another 'Snap of the same cart only a few hours after you found it, it doesn't help as much.

Leave the homeless people alone.

OK, we understand that the shopping carts that the homeless use also counts as a "lost" shopping cart.  But it isn't worth the potential trouble confronting that person.  They may not like the idea of you reporting a cart that they consider their personal property.

Have fun CartSnapping!!

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