Abandoned shopping carts pose a substantial problem in today's society:

  • They pollute the environment with decaying metal, plastic, and rubberized material
  • They create a physical hazard
  • Abandoned carts create an eyesore and nuisance

These carts have hidden costs as well:

  • Increased carbon footprint in making (buying) new carts
  • Stores invest in expensive technologies to keep carts from wandering
  • Stores buying replacements mean increased operating costs, which can get passed on to the customer

CartSnap gives you a new way to help solve this growing issue!  The CartSnap app records the GPS location of the lost cart, sends the data to the CartSnap servers, maps the carts you have found, and lets you participate in CartSnap contests and incentives.

Help clean up the environment!  See how many reports you can make!  Challenge your friends to see who makes the most reports!

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